Academic Tutoring

Dreamdrive Digital FZE provides assistance to PhD and other higher education students in a wide range of academic areas. We offer both face-to-face and remote tutorial services. Academic tutorials and assistance basically involves providing help to students with time and learning challenges. Even though many clients seek help locally, it is not unusual for writers to find themselves in distant places from students. This basically creates community platform with volunteers all over the globe.

Many people including employers who do not undertake writing all by themselves and some students sometimes underestimate the technicalities that go into Academic Writing. One very important thing worth noting is that no type of academic work is simple; or at least, at Dreamdrive Digital FZE we do not take any academic work lightly. Academic projects differ from one country or school to another and it demands critical attention. In more developed and educationally inclined countries, academic work and essay writing are very different from what is experienced in other developing countries. Differences include the strict adherence to grammar, references, and most importantly plagiarism in top global educational institutions. These measures are usually not considered in most institutions in India, Kenya, Ghana, and a few low ranking universities in Europe.

Academic Writing projects ranges from essays for high-school levels which would contain just about 200-300 words to highly complex discussions in higher level education including PhD Thesis. Irrespective of the level of the candidate, it is critical that academic writing comes with very strict grammar, punctuation, referencing instructions, as well as adherence to zero plagiarism. Additionally, writers usually conduct a lot of research before and during the course of writing. Academic questions tend to involve all sorts of topics:

You can check out these samples of completed academic essays, just to get an idea of what to expect of writers.