Research Services

At Dreamdrive Digital FZE, we provide quality research services in two main forms; academic and corporate writing.

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Academic tutoring encompasses important help offered to higher education students in their PhD levels. PhD activities are highly demanding and these students usually need to combine academic work with professional and occupational duties. Dreamdrive Digital FZE therefore book periodic appointments with the students to educate them on their area whilst conducting most of the research work in the background. The students take part in writing their coursework and Thesis whilst falling on us to help through proofreading and project reviews. Dreamdrive Digital FZE keeps track of all assignments due dates together with preparations towards such periods.

Corporate research usually include custom market reports and other syndicated market insights. Focus on market reports and technical insight pertaining to market and consumption trends help offer feasible insight to businesses and entrepreneurs. Dreamdrive Digital FZE offer periodic market reports (annual and bi-annual) to industry professionals. Over the years, particular focus has been on the healthcare market in Africa and the Middle East. CLICK HERE to view some of our published reports. For customized market and financial feasibility studies, including comprehensive value chain analysis of your business and markets, CONTACT US or email for consultation.