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At Dreamdrive Digital FZE, we offer quality and dedicated PhD tutorial services in unique areas of studies. We have well-resourced tutorial centers in Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We also offer remote assistance to clients outside of UAE. We involve students at all stages and guarantee outstanding pass rates for all PhD projects. We offer consultancy services on PhD area selection, university application, article publication and general career guidance.

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Custom and Syndicated Research for Actionable Insight

Dreamdrive Digital FZE has over 10 years of UAE market experience. We have a comprehensive pool of in-house data. We also have access to multiple reputable research databases. We undertake rigorous processes to hypothesize, test, and validate ideas for management decision making. Combined with a continuous learning approach, we adopt only objective and highly authoritative standards in corporate research.

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Our annual and bi-annual Market reports have provided companies in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman and surrounding regions with incomparable actionable insight. These reports are not only based on online metrics but field investigations of state of affairs in various industry. All our methodologies are carefully orchestrated for reliability and validity. All reports also come with latest and pending contracts as well as industry contacts for follow-up.

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At Dreamdrive Digital FZE (Gulf Writers), we believe that writing is a passion as much as it remains a profession. We consider the need to understanding clients' requirements and go beyond their expectations at all times. Anyone can write but only a few have the expertise and will to evoke the inspiration to produce the right blend of words that nourishes readers.


To be among the cheapest or to be among the best – Is this the question?

The writing services is made up of freelancers and full operational business enterprises. Many prospective clients in the position of students and professionals perform thorough investigation on the best offer on the market before making any decision. Gulf Writers is definitely not the most expensive company in the region, neither are we the cheapest service package in the region. Nonetheless, students and business decision makers who want to undertake any research project are faced with two main elements of quality and price.

Clients also need to assess the reason behind charged prices… whether charged amounts are meant to pay for quality writing services rendered by highly professional writers or whether exorbitant prices are to settle the heavy rent bills in aesthetically appealing offices on the Sheikh Zayed Road. On the other hand even though some freelancers look unprofessional, some fully registered companies offer pretty heartbreaking services.

Gulf Writers is registered under Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone and offer services to clients across all the other Emirates. We provide face-to-face and remote tutorial services to university students in all fields of academia. We manage operational costs in order to direct over 80% of payments to quality writers who are prepared to go the extra mile on your writing project. At Gulf Writers, compromising quality for lower price is not an option and non-negotiable.

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