Founder and CEO

Collins is a well-honed integrated marketing communications professional and digital marketing specialist. He has gained much international experience from working in many regions including West Africa, Central Africa and Middle East Markets. With an inherent passion for books, his composition and rhetoric skills are built out of years of quality writing experience. Collins is highly passionate about helping other students and businesses to make informed decisions. He served as a teaching assistant at the University of Ghana Business School and attained admission to the University of Wollongong on part scholarship to pursue Master of Strategic Marketing in 2012. Collins has published a total of four (4) articles in reputable academic journals. Through Dreamdrive Digital FZE, he has published and continue to publish breakthrough Market Reports on key sectors of UAE and GCC economies.

Collins holds a BSc in Business Administration (Marketing) and an MSc in Strategic Marketing. He personally reviews all projects that flow into and out of the business to make sure that we achieve and maintain the right quality standards.

Specialties:Strategic Management, Marketing Research, Integrated Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, and International Business/Marketing